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The Master Academy

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Your Membership Benefits

Here are just a few things you'll get by becoming a member of The Master Academy by Larry Cheung Golf

  • Get rid of bad habits and establish a new solid foundation towards long term success!

  • Gain a complete understanding of how the golf swing should work for you so you don’t guess if you start missing a few!

  • Swing video upload for check-in and analysis by the Larry Cheung Golf team at the end of each key chapter

  • Support community - A growth environment that encourages positive changes and learning with monthly Q&As to support the journey!

Results Backed By Science and Data

Our methods are tested with industry leading technologies like Foresight Sports, Swing Catalyst, and Gears Golf to get you maximum results.

Course Outline

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Tools You Need

    • What to Expect

    • Creating a Smooth Experience

    • Thank You

  • 2

    Uploading Your Videos

    • Recording Yourself and Uploading Videos

    • Upload Test: Down The Line

    • Upload Test: Face On

  • 3

    Key Terms and How To Read Data

    • P1

    • P2

    • P3

    • P4

    • P5

    • P6

    • P7

    • P8

    • P9

    • P10

    • P1-P10 Review & Summary

    • Width vs Narrow in Your Golf Swing

    • Depth in Your Golf Swing

    • Height of Hands in Your Golf Swing

    • Pulling The Hands Down

    • The Club Path

    • The Angle of Attack

    • Club Face Angle at Impact

    • Club Lie Angle at Impact

    • What is Lag

  • 4

    Grip and Setup

    • Grip and Setup

    • Setup Overview

    • Grip & Setup Assignment: Down The Line

    • Grip & Setup Assignment: Face On

  • 5

    Backswing Part 1

    • How to Rotate Properly

    • Introduction to Back Swing

    • Half Swing Down Swing

    • Half Swing for Outside In Lifters

    • Half Swing for Inside Out Lifters

    • Half Swing Summary

    • Half Swing Assignment: Down The Line

    • Half Swing Assignment: Face On

  • 6

    Backswing Part 2

    • Introduction to 3/4 Swing

    • Down Hinge in 3/4 Swing

    • 3/4 Swings for Over Hingers

    • 3/4 Swings for Stiff Wristed Players

    • 3/4 Swings for Outside In Lifters

    • 3/4 Swings for Inside Takeaway

    • 3/4 Swing Summary

    • 3/4 Swing Pressure Shift

    • 3/4 Swing Pressure Shift Drill with Swing Catalyst

    • Full Back Swing

    • Forearm Rotation in Back Swing

    • Full Back Swing for Lifters

    • Full Back Swing for Inside Out Takeaway

    • Full Back Swing Summary

    • Full Back Swing Pressure Shift with Swing Catalyst

    • No Drifting at the End of Back Swing

    • Back Swing Assignment: Down The Line

    • Back Swing Assignment: Face On

  • 7

    Downswing Part 1

    • How the Lower Body Moves

    • How the Upper Body Moves

    • How the Arms Move

    • Regain Flex Properly with Your Legs

    • Drill: Proper Upper Body Movement

    • Drill: Body Rocks the Arms

    • Drill: Map Out Down Swing

    • Drill: Rewind

    • Shallow Early and Keeping Arms Back

    • Stop At Top to One Motion Down Swing

    • One Motion

    • Down Swing Assignment 1: Down The Line

    • Down Swing Assignment 1: Face On

  • 8

    Downswing Part 2

    • Loop: What and Why

    • Rotation in Down Swing

    • Posture in Down Swing

    • Reducing Inside-Out

    • Reducing Outside-In

    • Hands Up to Rotate More

    • Down Swing Sequence Summary

    • Down Swing Assignment 2: Down The Line

    • Down Swing Assignment 2: Face On

  • 9

    Follow Through and Finish

    • Long Arm Finish

    • Long Arm to Rehinge

    • Long Arm to Rehinge to Refold

    • Chicken Wing Finish Fix

    • Left Elbow Position

    • Assignment: Face On

    • Assignment: Down The Line

    • Follow Through Influences Club Path

    • Extension & Flexion Influencing Hand Path and Follow Through

    • Blending Extension & Rotation

    • Follow Through and Finish Summary

    • Follow Through & Finish Assignment: Down The Line

    • Follow Through & Finish Assignment: Face On

  • 10

    Transition, Bridging the Time Between Backswing and Downswing

    • Creating Separation

    • Option 1: Stops at Top

    • Option 2: Roll Through Stop Sign

    • Option 3: Lower Before Upper

    • Cardboard Drill

    • Slow Transition Feel

    • Rocking Drill

    • Long Arm Movement Drill Progression 1

    • Long Arm Movement Drill Progression 2

    • Long Arm Movement Drill Progression 3

  • 11

    Speed Development

    • Legs to Wrists

    • Gradual Acceleration

    • Small Arms Wrist Swing Drill

    • Map Out Drill Push Harder

    • Trail Leg to Lead Leg

    • Slam Brakes on Finish

    • Rocking Drill

    • Release Energy into Ball

    • Power Template Overview

  • 12

    Live Lessons

    • Helping Krystal be Less Wide During Back Swing

    • Syncing Up Torso Turn with Matt Bois

    • Down Swing work with Krystal

A Complete Golf Experience

By signing up to the Masters Academy, you'll also gain full access to:

  • The Short Game Academy

    A growing video series from chipping, pitching, putting, and a complete wedge system.

  • The Fitness Academy

    Off-season remote program designed by Canada's top strength and conditioning facility: LPS Athletic Centre

  • The Mental Preparation Course

    Mental skills preparation with guest experts in the sports performance field designed to help you break through the noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I gain from signing up for the online academy?

    A complete understanding of how the golf swing should work for you from tee to green and how to bring that to the golf course. Learned in a positive environment that supports and encourages growth!

  • Why is it only offered in a year sign up, can I sign up month to month?

    The reason why it’s a year-long program is because the detail and nuances of what can influence a golf swing cannot be learned and understood in a short time frame. The goal for this master academy is to guide you through a very thorough step by step process that offers the greatest chance of successfully making meaningful changes by arming you with the knowledge and application that can last you a golfing lifetime.

  • Why are some videos not available until later months?

    Not all videos will be available right away as it takes time for changes to take place. This is to make sure that sufficient time is allowed to work on and monitor key pieces of the journey before moving on to the next piece.

  • I don’t have a place with technology to practice in, will this still work?

    Yes of course! As long as you have a place to hit balls, even a net, you will improve your swing and ballstriking! The tech I use and share on this academy is to give you a better understanding of what is happening in the golf swing, and then tying that to a look on camera so that when you check yourself on video, you know what to look for to ensure you are on the right track.

  • Who is this academy good for?

    Anyone who wants to: improve all aspects of their golf game, understanding of how the golf swing should work for them as a whole, upgrade their golf swing to swing it faster, hit it farther, hit it straighter, with good foundational structure that keeps them from falling off track, want to learn and expand their knowledge base.

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